Nomination as the Federal Liberal Candidate

Political Viewpoint

I believe a political life should be part good customer service to ones constituents, part developing policy, part restoring honour to public life, and part improving national dialogue.

Two areas for improvement in Simcoe-Grey are attainable housing and food insecurity. When you hear from local business owners that they could do more business if they had more staff, then you know there is a problem here in Simcoe-Grey. But potential employees cannot find nor afford housing in our area. Also, many individuals do not have enough food and the resources are not there.

According to Chrystia Freeland we are the 10th richest country in the world. I believe we are only as rich as our most vulnerable: at the most basic level…those without shelter or food. In my opinion, work needs to be done on strengthening the “National Housing Policy” and “Put Food in the Budget Campaign”.

My country and I share the same values of freedom, equality, tolerance, and openness. I believe freedom of the press is essential in a democracy. I share the Liberal Party of Canada’s emphasis on innovation, entrepreneurship, economic growth, and environmental protection. And, I appreciate the LPC’s ethics of modesty, responsibility, service, integrity, and statesmanship.

Political Standpoint


Three things that our community agrees it wants.

  • Our Liberal supporters see the benefit of a National Pharmacare Program for all ages. Many people struggle to afford the medication prescribed and their situation then becomes chronic and becomes a more expensive issue. A National Pharmacare Program would also work at bringing down drug prices.
  • We are in agreement that Climate Change is a top concern.

Canada’s clean energy sector is growing faster than the rest of the economy. It’s attracting billions of dollars in investment every year. When we build Infrastructure, let’s be part of The Green Sector, a place made up of companies and jobs that help to reduce carbon pollution, whether by creating clean energy, helping move it, reducing energy consumption, or making low-carbon technologies. (Go beyond Tesla…think solar powered cars.) This novel way of thinking means we are basically learning a whole new classification system. (Merran Smith, Clean Energy Canada)

  • Simcoe-Grey is one of the fastest growing areas in Ontario, and we agree, more Infrastructure is needed. New subdivisions are added every year. For example, in Collingwood, we’ve outgrown the YMCA and we have a need for a performing arts center and a community center. While the Province is blocking funding to municipalities, Justin Trudeau has announced he will send funds directly to the municipalities. To make new infrastructure part of the green sector, all three levels of government need to be involved with roads, bridges, transit, schools, and hospitals. And many of you have said that developers should be required to add such amenities as green spaces and beaches along with their new subdivisions. A Liberal initiative is there to help Canadians get the skills, training and opportunities needed to find and keep good jobs in the Green Sector. And these new jobs could be tied into the Liberal National Guaranteed Income Project. Meaningful work and employment is crucial and essential to self-determination. These career opportunities can inspire change and the creativity needed to bring forth something that does not yet exist.

As Your Nominee

  • I feel strongly about a woman’s rights over her own body. The issues that women face, I can and will debate at length now, and in the future should I become your candidate and MP.
  • I would support the strengthening of the National Housing Initiative. Many of those who cannot afford the rent in our area are women with children.
  • I believe there should be more women in politics. When women add their voice to issues, there is a more comprehensive perspective. For the population to be truly represented, we need a balance of men and women.

How the Liberals differentiate themselves from the other parties.

Liberals engage in drawbridge down thinking. Drawbridge down thinking is by cosmopolitan-minded people in favour of diversity, immigration, trade, and globalization. They are optimistic about the future, guided by reason and evidence-based policy, and believe climate change is a dominant priority. We have a mandate to develop and promote policy on the protection of the environment and on the strengthening of the economy. This makes us unique.


Past Work Experience

Administrator: Responsible for a staff of 40 and day-to-day operation of a large institution. The Canadian Overseas Secondary School, Hong Kong

Chairperson: Chaired professional development committee, promotion committee, and meetings involving provincial services personnel.

Negotiator: Acted as key participant in the negotiating process to establish collective agreements and acted as liaison between bargaining unit, staff, and management.

Consultant: Media Analysis

Financial Agent: Worked for CIBC and Bank of Montreal while at university.

Political Researcher: A working understanding of The Legislative Process The Legislative Assembly of Ontario, Toronto

Policy Writer: Wrote Review Report for the Ministry of Education.

Implementer: Developed and implemented a Cooperative education program between students and employer groups within the community.

Business Owner:

  • Retail Sales in Chocolate Industry
  • Governor General’s Mansion 5 Star Bed And Breakfast
  • Event Planning for Single Newcomers to Area


  • Implemented “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens”
  • Leader of Conflict Resolution Program
  • Co Leader of Anger Management Program/ Bereavement Program
  • Interviewed individuals to establish objectives, goals and timelines.
  • Worked with graduating students for placement in the world of employment, career, apprentices, college, and universities.
  • Set up a referral network for individuals to use within the community and province.

Administrator: Continuing Education, Jarvis Collegiate

Volunteerism Experience

Fundraiser: Victoria County Cancer Society
Recipient: Award for “Outstanding Contribution to School Life”
Member: Political Action Committee District 12, OSSTF
President: Toastmasters Club, Owen Sound – Generated membership drive which lead to awards at provincial level.
Vice President: Carried out executive duties of district office for the FWTAO
Political Delegate: Elected by local riding association to represent membership in party leadership race.
Guest Speaker: Presented views on local radio in response to The Federal Candidate’s Debate on Women’s Issues
Guide: Led a travel group of 50 individuals through Egypt and Greece.

Community Involvement

Fundraiser: Currently for The South Georgian Bay Community Health Centre
Liaison: For Waiting Room/Emergency Room, General and Marine Hospital
Facilitator: Created and Presented Workshops on such topics as
“Conflict Resolution” and “Keys to Student Learning” to professional and interest groups


University of Waterloo: 4 Year Honours Degree in English and Psychology
University of Western: Degree in Education

  • Ministry of Education Program Development and Implementation Program Supervision and Assessment
  • English as a Second Language
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming

I Have Lived In:

  • Dawson City, Yukon
  • Inuvik, North West Territories
  • Vancouver Island, British Columbia
  • Hong Kong
  • Russia
  • The United States
  • Mexico

Activity and Achievement that is Important:


  • Trained at Second City
  • Performed stand- up at various Clubs in the GTA and locally.
  • Played sharpshooter Annie Oakley (I also know how to ride a horse)
  • Canadian Opera Company, Verdi’s Rigoletto: Actor
  • Production of Masteroff’s Cabaret: Singer/Dancer

Director: Direction of Stage Play led to Community Award from Senior Citizens
Producer: Produced a musical for the local community/ profits were distributed for local projects.
Producer: Produced a video interviewing key parties dealing with local strike for the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education.

My Duties as a Researcher with The Legislative Assembly of Ontario

Established and maintained files on issues and programs within my policy areas. This included reviewing press articles, press releases, reports, correspondence, Hansard transcripts/House documents, speeches, brochures, and other publications or relevant material. Selected material to be kept on file.

Established and maintained contacts within the lobby groups, interest groups and government that assisted in the collection of data, and provided a liaison between the caucus and such groups.

Identified, monitored, and analyzed public issues and concerns within my policy areas.

Monitored and attended news conferences and special events related to my policy fields.

Endeavoured to become fully knowledgeable and conversant on the major issues within my policy areas including the history and specifics of the issues, the relative position of all three political parties on the issues, and the position of interest and lobby groups on the issues.

Established and maintained a good working relationship with caucus members and their staff.

Performed a number of duties as the need arose and as requested by caucus members, the research coordinator, the special projects coordinator, and the director of research. These included:

The preparation of briefing notes, research papers, policy papers, reports, press releases, questions for the house, speaking notes, briefing packages, amendments, motions, and correspondence.

Wrote oral briefings on issues and legislation.

Assisted caucus members in committee and in the house.

Represented the Party caucus at various meetings and events.